Tracks and statistics (first half)


  • 30 days from 7th May to 5th June incl.
  • 23 days paddled in the same period
  • 7 days lost, mostly due to the weather (wind)
  • 832km paddled
  • Average 27.7km per day
  • Average 36.2km per paddling day

Track logs

The following tracks have been recorded by iPhone running the Endomondo app.  I have a high capacity external battery to which my phone is connected inside a waterproof box, inside the rear kayak hatch. Without the external battery, the phone battery won’t last the day.

Dublin (Bullock Harbour) to Wicklow

Wicklow to Courtown (Tara Glen)

Courtown (Tara Glen) to Wexford (Raven Point)

Wexford (Raven Point) to Kilmore Quay

Kilmore Quay to Ballymacaw

Ballymacaw to Clonea

Clonea to Helvick Head

Helvick Head to Ardmore (Ballyquin)

Ardmore (Ballyquin) to Ballycotton

Ballycotton to Old Head of Kinsale

Old Head of Kinsale to Unionhall (Rabbit Island)

Unionhall (Rabbit Island) to Baltimore

Baltimore to Crookhaven (Galley Cove)

Crookhaven (Galley Cove) to Deenish Island

Deenish Island to Knight’s Town (Beginish Island)

Knight’s Town (Beginish Island) to Smerwick Harbour

Smerwick Harbour to Ballycurrane (Illauntanig)

Ballycurrane (Illauntanig) to Kilkee

Kilkee to Quilty (Seafield Harbour)

Quilty (Seafield Harbour) to Kilronan

Kilronan to Mweenish Island

Mweenish Island to Roundstone

Roundstone to Streamstown Bay