Travelling light sir? Not really.

Yesterday was a lot of hard work, packing, unpacking, leaving out half and packing again. If it’s not going to fit in the boat, there’s no point taking it. So I did quite well at leaving behind a large pile of stuff that, frankly, I could do without. It still doesn’t fit.

In the early hours of this morning I said goodbye to the family and took my chances with the newest car that was available to get me and my oversized pile of kit to Holyhead, 5 hours away. Never mind, I thought, there’ll be another opportunity to throw things out in Dublin.

“Travelling light sir?”, said a very helpful women at the Stena ticket desk. “Not exactly. Do you mind if I check in my kayak?”. “No problem!”. Great. So there really doesn’t seem to be a limit to what can be checked-in as a foot passenger. Just as well because I’m not paying to park my car in Dublin.

It was a gray day when Robin met me, but no matter because tomorrow it’s going to be the hottest day of the year. And, both wind and tide are going in the right direction. So, now that I’m fed and watered, let’s have another go at the packing ….

The newest car available to me!
    Dalkey, Dublin, looking south

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  1. The boat’s bigger than the car! Nothing wrong with old cars anyway, well, they usually get you there.

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